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Graber Roller Shades

Exciting New Fabrics

Graber has added 68 new fabrics, including exclusive designs you’ll find nowhere else. From simple and modern to bold and opulent, there’s a fabric for every room design.

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Roller & Solar Shades: For a Modern Flair—or Touch of Elegance

Roller Shades

Roller shades are probably the simplest window-treatment option available today. But that simplicity doesn’t stop them from offering style options ranging from ultra-minimal to delightfully extravagant. Add liners—from sheer to blackout—for just the right amount of privacy and light control. Plus, there are roller-shade solutions for wide windows.

Solar Shades

Control the sun with Graber Solar Shades. They offer a modern, sleek appearance and protect against heat and UV rays for a more comfortable home and reduced glare. Choose from a variety of openness levels for the perfect amount of light control, privacy, and view to the outdoors.

Eco-Performance Solar Shades

The updated Graber Solar Shades collection features 40+ performance fabrics, including fabrics made from 100% ocean-recycled PET, fabrics made with 100% consumer-recycled material, and fabrics that help reduce fungi and microbes in the home. Combine these sustainable, antimicrobial, and carbon footprint-reducing options with the assortment of colors and patterns and you have a collection with something for nearly any situation and sensibility.

Exterior Solar Shades

And as consumers continue to blend their living spaces with their outdoor spaces, Graber has met the demand with a newly expanded collection of exterior solar shades. Installed outside your home’s windows, exterior solar shades prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the glass—and heating up your home. The outdoor-grade components and carefully engineered fabrics can hold up to the punishment of sun and weather.

UltraLite Lift—Smooth, Quiet, Easy

Choose the Graber UltraLite Lift System, an incredible smooth and easy way to raise and lower your shades—and it’s available for both solar and roller shades. Move the shade up or down with the touch of a hand. Precisely place the shade where you want it—no adjustments necessary. UltraLite Lift is so quiet it won’t wake the baby or a sleeping partner. It’s a highly advanced, unbelievably easy-to-use window-treatment solution that will turn you solar or roller shade into the most convenient system in your home.

New Smart Pull with Wand

To use Smart Pull, tug the attached wand gently in a downward motion to release the shade for a slow close. When not in use, the cord attached to the wand stays retracted, hanging next to the shade

Try Treatments on Your Own Window—Virtually

Simply upload a photo of your window and start designing—or choose from our portfolio of sample room scenes. Then preview your picture-perfect treatments. You can also download the app!

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment.

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