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Graber Drapery

Hand-Tailored to Your Taste

Drapery is a powerful design tool, providing privacy, controlling light, and insulating against heat and cold. It even dampens sound. But what drapery does best is allowing you to express your own unique style—you’ll find a huge selection of delightful fabrics in countless colors and patterns. All Graber Custom Drapery is hand-tailored in the U.S., which means you can expect premium fabrics and thoughtful details—so you're assured perfectly hung fabric for a sophisticated style statement. And Graber Custom Drapery can give your patio living a significant boost with Performance Drapery that can stand up to the elements.

Your Graber Design Expert can help you find drapery that perfectly fits your needs.

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The Beauty of Drapery

With Graber Custom Drapery, there is no limit to the drama you can create. Choose daring designs, vivid colors, and artistic flourishes for a stunning style statement. Be daring with a bold, patterned fabric or choose something subdued for a more sophisticated look. Graber Custom Drapery can also be layered with other Graber window treatments—such as blinds, shades, and shutters—to better control light and to add depth and visual interest. The options are endless. Discover the power of Graber Custom Drapery.

Graber Drapery & Wood Blinds

Try Treatments on Your Own Window—Virtually

Simply upload a photo of your window and start designing—or choose from our portfolio of sample room scenes. Then preview your picture-perfect treatments. You can also download the app!

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment.

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