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Get a Connected, Sophisticated Experience in Every Room

Powerful Performance

Graber motorized blinds and shades offer the ultimate in convenience and style, while also increasing your home security and energy savings. Our line of motorized blinds and shades is powerful, whisper quiet, and easy to use.

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We Have the Right Motorized Solution for You

Graber Motorized Window Treatments

  • Perfect for controlling one hard-to-reach blind, a home full of shades, or something in between.
  • Offer sleek style and quiet operation.
  • Come with an array of easy and convenient control options, including wand, remote, and app, which can also link to Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
  • Arrive to you connected to your remote, so they are ready to operate right out of the box.
  • Are certified Best for Kids—indicating that they are the safest options for homes with kids and pets.

Our Latest Innovations

  • The sleek Graber Motorized Wand is our simple, three-button system that's perfect for those new to motorized shades. So quiet and convenient, you'll control your shades with unsurpassed ease.
  • For a fully integrated experience, consider the Graber Virtual Cord™ App, which allows you to control shades from your mobile device—from anywhere, at any time.
  • We even offer rechargeable options, including a new rechargeable battery pack that holds up to 20% more battery charge than other motors.* That amounts to about three years of battery life per charge (on average).**

*Based on 3100 mAh compared to 2000 mAh in the competition.
**Up to three years on an average size shade 48" x 60" operating at an average of one up/down cycle per day.

Try Treatments on Your Own Window—Virtually

Simply upload a photo of your window and start designing—or choose from our portfolio of sample room scenes. Then preview your picture-perfect treatments. You can also download the app!

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment.

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