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Graber Blinds

Solar and Roller Shades

Practical design, superior style

Solar and roller shades are the perfect blend of form and function—they offer an extensive mix of colors, textures, and styles, and they provide you with precise light control, easy operation, and protection from excess heat, glare, and UV rays.

Solar shades are ideal for managing light, minimizing glare on TVs and computers, and protecting furnishings against harmful UV rays, all while maintaining your view to the outdoors.

Roller shades offer a variety of light-control options in countless on-trend style and fabric combinations.

Exterior solar shades are installed on the outside of your home or patio and block the sun's rays before they even reach the glass, making them an excellent choice for keeping indoor and outdoor spaces cool and comfortable.

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Graber Roller and Solar Shades Graber Roller Shades Graber Solar Shades
Graber Solar Shades


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