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Graber Blinds

Natural Shades


Graber Tradewinds® Natural Shades infuse your home with a soothing, organic aesthetic. By showcasing renewable resources—bamboo, jute, and grasses—these shades connect your décor to the rustic palette and rich textures of the landscape outside your window. And because no two organic materials look the same, every natural shade exudes an individuality that simply cannot be reproduced or recreated.

Graber Tradewinds® Natural Drapes are also a breathtaking solution for wide windows and patio doors, and are designed to coordinate easily with natural shades and sliding panels.

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Graber Natural Shades Graber Natural Shades Graber Natural Shades
Graber Natural Shades


Meet with a Graber designer in the comfort of your own home:
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  • Find the perfect look
  • Take accurate measurements
  • Receive a free, no obligation estimate


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